Agricultural building


Farmers in Mayenne, Mr and Mrs GRIMAULT, for the renovation project of their roof, opted for the aerovoltaic reference.

 What our customers say…

“Our goal was to renovate our whole roof. We told each other that we had to find a solution so we turned to a photovoltaic installer. ”

“What we like in R-VOLT system is clearly heating. We feel it, it heats! The system was installed in December 2013, so only 5 months, but we’ve already realized that we no longer light the fireplace during the day. We only light it in the evening and only a few times. This is only half of the winter, but we’ve already saved a lot. Next year, there will be a big difference.

Before we used 5-6 wood cords each year, and now with R-VOLT we will only use 2 or 3 wood cords. It makes a big difference, and it shows promise for next winter! ”

“We wanted to buy French because it is very important for the breakdown service. Buying French is a safer way. ”

Installer Inno Watt Energies
Building 1 agricultural building
Location Astillé – 53
Roof Slate
Selected solution R-VOLT – Aerovoltaic solar energy
Unit capacity Electric : 9 kWc Thermal : 16,2 kWc