An individual home


Mr BEAUDOUIN a pensioner living near Saffré, decided to opt for a combined photovoltaic and thermal system for his renovation project.


What our customers say…

“To begin with, I was contacted by telephone by a company attempting to sell photovoltaic panels to individuals. I accepted an appointment just to understand how the system worked. I was interested, and subsequently organised a request for proposals, contacting 4 different companies.
The other companies proposed photovoltaic solar panels to generate electricity, but not panels which could blow hot air. That was the turning point for me! With the SYSTOVI solution I can cool panels, generate even more electricity, and what’s more, I can recover heat! In my opinion, this makes a real difference when compared to the other systems! Systovi was also the only firm to propose a solution combining aerovoltaic and aerothermal panels, boosting the hot air blown out. The panels were installed early January. We could feel the hot air from the first sign of February sun.
The system also looks a lot better. They redid the roof structure to make it straight. I could therefore redo the structure and make the building look better in one go! As the panels are entirely black, they blend in with the slate. People passing by sometimes even fail to notice the panels. SYSTOVI systems are manufactured at Saint-Herblain and I have always preferred purchasing French or European goods for their quality and proximity. And these are indeed conscientious people, just like Ouest Toitures Solaires, and everything went well for the works. “With the SYSTOVI R-VOLT system, we can generate electrical power and heat our home at the same time, which is just what we wanted.What’s more, it looks great and it works well. ”

Installer Ouest Toitures Solaires
Building Individual home
Location Saffré
Roof Slate
Selected solution R-VOLT + R-SUN extension: thermal and voltaic solar heating
Unit capacity Electric: 3 kWp
Thermal: 7 kWp