An individual home


Mr GUILBAUD, a pensioner living in a suburb of Nantes, decided for to opt for a very unusual photovoltaic system to renovate his roof.

What our customers say…

“To begin with, I had to replace my roof. That was my main target. I then took an interest in solar roofs, however photovoltaic systems alone were not adequate for my needs. I aimed to find a solution providing more than electricity, bringing real extra benefits. I had read an article on the R-VOLT system. I then contacted Systovi as I was interested but I wanted the services of a good roofer. They suggested I contact Ouest Toitures Solaires. I then compared the various quotes and was able to determine the cost of my roof. I then contacted someone for a solar system, who also issued a quote for the roof. I then worked out which solution was the most profitable in financial terms, and it was worth it! 

“Thanks to the R-VOLT solution, I changed my roof, while generating electricity and heating. The work went very well! The system was installed in November 2011. It is now March, and the system is working well! You can feel the hot air. We usually turn the heating on in the mornings and evenings during the mid-season (March-April). We have now set the thermostat to 20°C and we haven’t turned the heating on, so we benefit!”


Installer Ouest Toitures Solaires 44
Building Individual home
Location Orvault – (44 – Loire Atlantique)
Roof Slate
Selected solution R-VOLT – Aerovoltaic system
Unit capacity Electric: 3 kWp
Thermal: 4.2 kWp