Collective housing


LB HABITAT , a social landlord in the Lorient region, was looking for a low-cost solution to improve the energy efficiency of its rental property. R-VOLT Option Hot Water: a win-win solution for the social landlord and its tenants.

Statement by the social landlord (Jean Charles LOHE – LB HABITAT)

“The advantage for us is that we can partially finance the works thanks to photovoltaic panels and electricity resale. The advantage for our tenants is that they can save cash on energy, and reduce their heating levels and hot water consumption.  Overall, we can substantially improve the thermal efficiency of our accommodation. Subsidies also play a role, as public authorities are prepared to provide cash for renovations, providing that real improvements in terms of energy are achieved, which is the case with the Toiture Active (Active Roof).”

The reactions of one tenant:

“My accommodation is facing in just the right direction and because I have sunlight throughout the day, I can drop the thermostat setting. I even turned the heating off because I was too hot! The savings should be good! I work mornings, so I get full benefit in the afternoons from 2 p.m. It works well. You can really feel the “extra” comfort! I am truly very happy. It all went really well. The technicians were very friendly. Everything was tidied away and cleaned the following day.”

The reactions of a 2nd tenant:

“The results are there! You can feel plenty of hot air blowing out in heating mode! I had no more money for heating, and now I’m comfortable again in my home. The work went very well! What more can I say, everything is great! ”

Building Small 4-unit block of council flats
Location Inzinzac-Lochrist – 56 (Morbihan)
Roof Shingle
Selected solution R-VOLT Option Hot Water – Aerovoltaic system + solar hot water
Unit capacity Electric: 12 kWp
Thermal: 25.2 kWp

Monitoring energy performance

Data on LB Habitat (Small 4-unit block of council flats) exported on 10/05/2012
Extract from the QANTUM energy performance tracking portal.